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Daytona Moving: Taking Care of the Details

Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 3:50PM

During the process of a move, we often get so caught up in packing, preparing the new home and contacting movers that we can forget the little details—like letting everyone know where you’re going! While friends and family are probably in the know, you’ll want to make sure important letters, bank statements, and other items make it to you in your new home as soon as possible.

Here is a quick list you can check to ensure that you cover your bases:

Work: Let your place of work know of a change in address—of course, if you’re relocating across the country and can’t work remotely you will need to let them know you’re finding a new job! If it’s a more local move, still make sure they have your new address on file.

School: If you have school-aged kids, their school will want to know of your move so they can change the records and emergency information accordingly. If you are moving out of the school district, don’t just pull your children out—take some time to talk with a teacher or school official so you can prepare your children for the new curriculum another county or state might teach.

Insurance: Home, life, health and car—let these companies know where to send over bills and important information.

Doctor: Inform your doctor, dentist, optometrist, chiropractor – whoever you see regularly and expect bills or reminders from.

Bank: It’s smart to arrange for your bank statements to show up online, but in any case, change your address with the bank in case you receive offers, statements or other important mail. While you’re at it, let your credit card company know as well, so they know where to send over bills and promotions.

Subscriptions: Don’t miss out on your favorite magazines and boxes of goodies! Let whatever services you subscribe to know of your new address.

We want this list to be helpful, but it might not work for everyone the same! Print out a checklist of your own with these items and any others unique to you.

Daytona Moving: Taking Care of the Details

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