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Moving With Kids: How to Keep Them Safe

Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 9:41AM

Boxes everywhere, last minute items still waiting to be packed, your front door swinging back and forth with the foot traffic… moving day can be hectic! Add young kids to the formula, and you’re definitely in for some moving day surprises. We know how moving with kids can be—and to make it easier on you, we’ve put together a quick tip list on how to keep the kiddos safe and happy.

Supervise young children.

One of the best ways to keep your child safe during the move is to, of course, keep a close eye on them. When you’re watching them or spending time with them, that’s time that they can’t spend running around the house, sneaking outside, or playing with potentially dangerous items. Of course, we know that acting as your child’s personal bodyguard all day isn’t always feasible, since you may be needed to help with the move. If this is the case, perhaps find a family member, friend or even babysitter to keep an eye on your child for the day—this will give you the peace of mind necessary to get the job done, without having to worry about what your child is up to! Another way to make sure your child is safe on moving day is to delegate tasks to friends, family members or professional movers so that you can keep them occupied.

Seal boxes when you can.

We understand that some boxes will be left open, and there will be plenty of bags and other containers that can’t be sealed right away. However, it’s important to seal the boxes that you know contain fragile or otherwise dangerous items (glass decorations, cleaning supplies, scissors, box cutters, etc.). Keep these items in a designated visible space so that your child can’t get into them without you knowing.

Keep kids away from big pieces of furniture.

Big, heavy pieces of furniture are things to watch out for on moving day. When movers are lifting these items out of your home and into the moving truck, be sure that your child is out of their path to keep everyone safe. If you have furniture that’s waiting to be moved out, such as bookcases or China cabinets, try to place them against a wall so that they’re all in one clear, safe area. By doing this, you’re also giving your child a clear boundary (i.e. this is one place where they cannot play).

Create moving day diversions.

Young kids will often take part in potentially risky activities because, well… they’re bored and curious! Satiate their urge to explore by providing them with plenty of activities, meals and things to do while the grown-ups are busy moving. Pack a bag with snacks, a small lunch, and their favorite books, toys or other activities to keep them occupied and safely out of the way.

Moving with young kids may seem like a big challenge, but with a bit of planning it doesn’t have to be! We hope that these tips can help you and your family stay safe and happy when the big day rolls around.

Moving With Kids: How to Keep Them Safe

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