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Florida Moving Tips: Saying Goodbye to Your Home

Wed, Feb 03, 2016 at 8:55PM

No matter how long you’ve lived in a home, it always seems to become a part of you. It’s where you spent birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and momentous events—perhaps even where you welcomed a new family pet or celebrated the birth of a child. Because of this, saying goodbye to your home when it’s time to move can be difficult, especially for young kids but also for us adults!

We believe it’s important to say goodbye to your home with a “bang,” a special way to mark the end of one era… and to usher in the beginning of a new one. In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few fun and meaningful ways to bid adieu.

Take lots of photos

If possible, take lots of photos of your home before you have to pack everything up so that you can truly encapsulate the look and feel of your home. Don’t feel the need to go for glamour shots here—take photos of your family members as you lounge in the living room or eat up tasty homemade meals in the kitchen. This is also a great time to take new versions of classic childhood photos—for example, you can gather your kids around (and dress them in silly 90s garb) to replicate a photo they took in your backyard twenty years ago. These photos are perfect for showing all the time that has gone by while you were enjoying your home.

Host a “last night” party

A great way to big adieu to your home is with a party on your last night there. In addition to your immediate family, be sure to invite family members who have moved away for work or school, as well as the friends and neighbors who undoubtedly contributed to the many memories you made here. You can use this opportunity to cook one last meal in your kitchen or, if you desire a more “hands off” approach, enjoy drinks and takeout from your favorite local eatery. No matter how you choose to celebrate, make this party all about family, friends and memories. Encourage everyone to share their favorite stories and funny moments that happened within the walls of your home, and laugh the night away as you remember all the great times you had here.

Bring special keepsakes and touches to your new home

If there are any special treasures in your current home—from secrets under the floorboards to plaques with your children’s heights written on them—don’t forget to bring them with you! These small touches of home can help you preserve some of the great memories you enjoyed, while also serving to make your next home feel a little more familiar.

Revisit favorite local spots

If you’re moving to a far-off location, take some time to revisit your favorite local spots before leaving. Whether it’s your go-to corner coffee shop or the library you loved to work in, go back for sentiment’s sake and remember all the time you spent there.

Keep a positive mindset

Don’t let your final months, weeks or days in your home be soured by negative thoughts! While a move from what’s familiar and meaningful to you may, of course, be difficult, it’s worth keeping a positive mindset throughout the process. Strive to remember all your favorite moments in the house while still allowing yourself to look ahead and get excited for the new home ahead.

We hope that these ideas help make saying goodbye to your home at least a little bit easier. Don’t forget—while you may be leaving the physical house, you can carry the memories with you wherever you end up!


Florida Moving Tips: Saying Goodbye to Your Home

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