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Moving to a New State: Our Helpful Tips

Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 9:45AM

Moving is almost always a stressful time, and moving long-distance, especially to a new state, has the added stress of a big change. There are a lot of complications involved with getting to know a new area and climate, and the long trip on the highway and hotel stays along the way can add to your list of annoyances, so the moving process shouldn’t present any more problems. Here is some helpful advice for making sure your trans-state move is as easy and stress-free as possible.


Sorting Through Your Belongings

This is an important step for any move, but especially for a long-distance relocation. In the interest of reducing the cost of this big move, it is best to sell or get rid of the items you don’t need. A garage sale is usually the best way to save space and cut costs in the moving process while making some extra cash through the sale.

When sorting through your possessions, keep an eye out for items that you will want immediately upon arriving at your new home so that you can take them in a personal bag. These might include bathroom supplies, disposable plates, cups, a can opener, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and hardware tools.


Make Decisions About Your Stuff

Go through your belongings and decide what is worth bringing. Have a garage sale for the less expensive items you’re selling, and keep in mind that you can use online auctions for unwanted possessions you can’t seem to get rid of.

For a move across the country, some belongings may simply not be worth the price of moving them. Make sure to check the cost of your moving company’s services for certain bulky items, like furniture, and compare the cost of simply buying replacements when you have completed the journey. If you decide to buy many new, unwieldy possessions, keep in mind that you may need the movers’ help again from the store to your new home. Since moving is a time of great change, it may be the best opportunity to invest in new furniture anyway!


Make to-do lists

There is going to be a lot to keep track of before you move: the arrival time of the packers or movers, the details of what you’re packing where, people you have to meet within your place of work, friends you are saying good-bye to. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget some of the important things you have to do if you don’t make a to-do list. This will just mean there are less things your cluttered mind has to handle before making the move. A schedule or calendar can also be helpful.



Though this sounds easy in theory, it is entirely possible to arrive too early to your new home and have to go days or weeks without all your necessities. You need to make sure you schedule your trip in sync with the moving company, so that you are not left in a new home without any of your stuff. Scheduling is even more important for big moves across the country, since the time difference between you and the movers’ journeys might be very large.

Moving to a New State: Our Helpful Tips

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