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Moving During the Holidays: How to Enjoy

Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 3:35PM

Do you have a holiday season move coming up? While many may find this a daunting challenge, we know a move at this time of the year can actually be a fun, positive experience in many ways. We’re sharing just a few below:

Make it a family affair

Many of us enlist the help of family and friends when we move—and during the holidays, it is no different. In fact, the moving process is a great way to get everyone together outside of the routine holiday dinner scene. Kids, cousins, parents and all can make the process more enjoyable by helping each other get excited for both the move itself and the holidays on their way.

Add holiday music

Moving can be stressful—but music can make the experience a little more relaxing! This season, switch up the routine and play your favorite holiday hits while packing boxes, loading the moving truck, or settling into your new space. This music is sure to put everyone in a much better mood, which makes the entire process better.

Thank your helpers

It’s always important to thank your moving helpers, and during the holidays you have even more ways to do just that. Once you’re settled in, consider creating simple homemade gifts to thank your family, friends or neighbors for their help. You can bake holiday cookies and create decorative goodie bags, for example, or pick up a special candle, gift card or other item to say “thank you.”

Take a break

Taking a break to reflect and relax is important during any move. This holiday season, be sure to make time for yourself and your moving helpers to unwind. Think about showing a classic holiday movie, host an impromptu holiday housewarming party, or try something new altogether—everyone will appreciate the gesture, and will be able to relax after a long day (or two) of packing and unpacking.

First stop: decorations

Finally, make some room for fun by decorating for the holidays while you move in. Normally we would say to save novelties and decorations for later on—but when it comes to the holiday season, many people just can’t wait! If you have kids, they will especially love being able to decorate the tree or hang up stockings… just simple ways to get involved in the process. By making time for at least a few decorating projects, you can always help to ease the stress or tension of your moving buddies. And besides—what better way to make a new home feel like “home” than by decking it out in your favorite holiday décor?

Moving during the holiday season has some serious perks. You are often able to get better prices on moving supplies and services, and don’t have to contend with many others since the moving market is quiet at this time of year.

We hope that our list of ideas for holiday moving fun helps you and your family this season!

Moving During the Holidays: How to Enjoy

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