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Top Questions You Should Ask


1. How long have you been in business?

In July of 2011 we will be celebrating our 26th year of business.  Some of our employees have been with us since the beginning.  Many of our current employees have been with us for over 10 years.  We have been located at our current address in Ormond Beach since 1993.  Best yet – some of our customers have used us several times over the past 26 years.  Repeat business is our biggest compliment.

2. Are you members of any organization that monitors your services and reports customer satisfaction?

Yes, we believe that quality organizations know that the best measurement of their success is how their customers rate the service they receive. 

First of all we are registered by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  In order to legally perform moving services in Florida you must apply and receive a Certificate from this agency.  They help to police all moving companies within the state of Florida.  We are also members of the Florida Movers & Warehouse Association.  This organization provides moving companies in Florida with a forum to learn, grow & improve their services.  They work hand in hand with some of our state leaders to further the integrity and quality of Florida moving companies to benefit you the consumer.  We are members of the Central Florida Better Business Bureau and enjoy a rating of A+.  This rating is a result of customers that have used our service and reported their experience to the BBB.  Finally we are longtime members of various Chambers of Commerce in our community.

3. Do I need an estimate?

YES!  We provide a no cost survey in your home to determine your moving service and then give you a written estimate of your relocation costs.  Estimates done over the phone or on line are not an accurate way to determine your particular moving requirements and the costs associated with them.  Always request a visual survey and written estimate whether you are moving within the state, nationwide or internationally.

4. Do you use your own employees?

We have a trained work force of employees that are background checked and drug free.  We can provide you with proof of Workman Compensation coverage, General and Legal Liability converge.  We do not use day labor.

5. Can you help me control the costs of my move?


Moving services are varied and some can be expensive or unexpected.  WE can help you plan your move properly and help to minimize these expenses.  Our Estimators will show you how you can save money.  If you are willing to do some work and listen to their knowledge and experience you can save even more.

6. How do you protect our furniture and household goods?

Each of your items is inspected and listed on an inventory form prior to being loaded into our moving vans.  A small label is placed on every item we are moving.  We record each item with their corresponding number on the inventory sheet. After we complete the loading of our household goods we sign this inventory and give you a copy.  Also during the loading process we will pad wrap and or shrink wrap your items to protect them during transportation.  Our employees are trained on how to load your items in our specialized air ride vans to guard against load shifts and movement during transportation.

7. I’m interested in office moving.  Can you give me some references of companies you have moved?

Again the proof of your value is what past customers think about your service.  I’m proud to say that we have performed 100’s of office moves over the last 26 years.  We know how to plan, manage, and perform a move that will keep your costs controlled and your down time greatly minimized.  I would be happy to survey your offices at your convenience and give you an estimate for your relocation.  I will send you a list of similar company relocation for you to exam.  You can phone them and ask them about their experiences when we moved them.