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1. An often asked question is about our scope of operation.

Do you move Florida Households to out of state locations?  Or do you move out of state households into Florida?  We are a member of Nationwide Relocation Network with hundreds of agents throughout the United States.

Do you move Florida Households to other countries?  Or do you move households from other countries into Florida?  International moves require specialized experience. We have moved to or from over 50 countries over the last 26 years.

Do you do local moves? Or do you move households throughout Florida?

We have been doing that for the last 26 years.



2. One of the most often asked questions is how much does it cost to hire a professional moving company?

If you are moving your household goods into the state of Florida or out of the state of Florida we calculate the cost of your move by determining the distance of your move along with the weight of you household goods.  Additional services such as packing, storage, unpacking, or full value coverage are additional costs.

If you are moving locally the rates we use are based on the time involved to complete your move with a specific size crew (2 or 3 or 4 men, etc.) plus any additional services such as packing, storage or full value coverage.

If you are moving internationally to or from Florida the cost is based on the volume or amount of space you will need for your household goods.  We also need to determine the mode of shipping- Air freight or Ocean freight.  Of course we need to know the country you are moving to or from and finally we need to know if any additional services such as packing, wrapping, storing, insurance, etc.


3. When and how do I pay?

On both local and interstate moves the payment is made before your shipment is delivered.  For international moves payment is made before your shipment leaves the country usually right after it is loaded.  Methods of payment are cash, traveler’s checks, money order, cashiers of bank check, and certain credit cards.  Make sure you talk to your moving company before you make any final decisions to get a clear understanding of how and when you pay for you moving services.


4. What can happen of one if my items is damaged or missing during the move?

No one likes to think about this situation but you need to know your options.  Here in Florida we have adopted the same policy as the Federal Regulation which says that a moving company must provide you with a release value of 60 cents per pound per article at no additional cost to you.  Or you can purchase full value protection.  The difference is simple to explain.  With 60 cents per pound release value an item like a TV that weights 100 lbs. and is damaged or missing will be covered for 100 X .60 or $60.00 regardless of its actual value.  If the same TV is covered by full value protection the coverage is for the actual value of the item - if it costs $459 to replace it that is what it is covered for.


5. Will you provide me with packing boxes and material?

We have a variety of boxes and material that you can purchase at discount prices.  When we perform our survey at your home tell our estimator that you want to do some or all of your packing and we can tell you what you need to do you particular packing.  He can even show you how to pack certain items if that is your wish.


6. How much time will you need to set up my move?

Give us as much time as possible.  This is not a last minute service especially if you are moving out of state.  4 to 6 weeks is a normal time frame.  We use a sophisticated method of assigning and dispatching our nationwide fleet of trucks.  We want to meet your needs and give you the best service possible.  Allowing us ample time to prepare for your move is essential in meeting your pickup and delivery schedule.

7. Another area of concern that we are often asked is about pick-up and delivery dates.

You can specify your pick-up schedule if you give us enough time to process your move.  We have detailed windows for pick- ups and most of them are 1 day windows (smaller moves require 2 or 3 day windows).  Most household moves will not fill a large moving van therefore we will place more than one customer’s household goods on our vans and make sure they are sectioned off from each other. Depending on the time of year, whether conditions, time required for loading and unloading, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling we have formulated a transit guide that allows us to give you a customized window for pick-up, transport and delivery dates.  We therefore give you in advance a customized time line and dates for you particular move.


8. I’m not sure if I want you to pack all or some of my items – it depends on how much you charge.  Can I pack some items and have you pack only what I need you to pack?

We will pack as much or as little as you request. We will give you a detailed cost of what we charge for each size box and you can decide how much you want us to pack.  You control your packing costs.  If something needs to be crated we can handle the crating or show you what has to be done.  If you need any guidance on packing we have a brochure to assist you.  Many of our office staff have first-hand experience in packing and are always open to you questions about packing.


9. I have to move out of my current home before my new home is available to me.  Can  you help me with this situation?

This happens fairly often.  We can arrange to move you out of your current home and hold your items for as long as need.  Our storage facility is dehumidified and protected by both fire and theft systems.  When you are ready to complete your relocation just call us and we will set-up your delivery.


10. Do you have an agent at my new destination?

We will give you a toll free phone number and an easy on line method of communicating with us during you move as well as our agent at your new destination. If something happens at you new destination and your items need to be stored – we have your unforeseen problem handled.  We can place your items into our agents’ storage and keep it protected until you can take delivery.


11. Do you do any commercial work like moving offices or shipping various pieces of equipment or crating equipment for shipping?

Yes we Do!

We have a long list of companies that we have moved over the last 26 years.  We will help you plan your office relocation and provide you with a plan to greatly reduce your downtime with proven experience and specialized equipment.

We also are affiliated with a nationwide carrier that can handle many types of commercial shipments including high value freight, electronic, refrigerated, art work and shows/conventions.

If your shipment requires crating we can handle the building of almost any size crate right here at our own facility.