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5 Handy Items for Moving Day

Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 1:40AM

By the time moving day finally rolls around, you probably already know to have plenty of supplies on hand... from extra boxes to packing tape and everything in between! But what about the other items that aren't quite as obvious? In today's blog, we'll be looking at five helpful items to have on hand during your move.

Plenty of cold water

While it may seem obvious now, you might be surprised at just how often this staple gets forgotten in the chaos of moving day! Plenty of water is necessary to keep everyone on the job hydrated and healthy, so they can continue doing their job. Even during the winter months, afternoon moves can get very warm... and this is when cold water is doubly refreshing. If possible, keep a cooler stocked at the moving site with ice and plenty of cold water bottles to go around. Your family and moving crew will thank you!


Much like water, snacks are helpful (if not necessary) items to have on hand during your move. By having plenty of snacks ready to go, you can eliminate the need to take long breaks or look offsite for something to eat, which can slow the move down. Prepare snacks such as granola bars or fruit salad that can be enjoyed during brief breaks from the job. Not only are these treats healthy alternatives to other, more traditional snacks...  they can help keep everyone energized and ready to keep moving.

Don't have the time to assemble a personal snack tray? Don't worry! Pick up a platter filled with nutritious meats, fruits or cheeses that can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the afternoon. Sandwiches are also a safe bet for most moves. The key here is to have something tasty, refreshing and satisfying on hand so the move can be a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Activities for the kids

If you're moving with kids, you can bet that they will need to be occupied throughout the process (if they're not old enough to actively help). Don't forget to bring enough activities for them to last the afternoon. Pack a bag with their favorite books, toys and activities to hold them over until it's time to head to the new house.


Any move can be made better (and more enjoyable) with the help of a bit of music and some speakers. Use your phone and a portable Bluetooth speaker to create a fun, energetic atmosphere for your move.


Even if it's not hot outside, the sun is still as strong as ever! Protect yourself and your family by bring plenty of sunscreen to go around, and be sure to reapply throughout the afternoon. While you're at it, encourage everyone to bring along a hat and sunglasses to move around better in the sun.

Did these tips help you decide what to bring along during your move? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tell us about your own personal moving day "must-haves" as well!

5 Handy Items for Moving Day

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