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To Keep or Not to Keep?

Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 8:55PM

When it comes time for the big move, you can safely assume that your current home and the one you’re moving into will see their share of mess and clutter. This is a perfectly normal part of the moving process, so don’t worry! But when it’s time to settle in and unpack, how do you know what moving materials and miscellaneous items you ought to keep—and which you should throw away?

Below, we’re looking at several of the most common moving day miscellanea in an effort to help you achieve the neatest and most functional home possible.

Cardboard moving boxes: While it may be tempting to hold on to all those cardboard boxes you used during your move—especially if you had a hard time finding them—this typically isn’t the best idea. Unused cardboard boxes, even when folded up, can take up valuable space in your garage or attic and can contribute to the clutter you’re trying to avoid. Save a few boxes if they can be reasonably used (for garage storage, for example, or donations) but recycle the rest or give them to a friend or neighbor who can use them.

When it comes to boxes for purchases such as furniture or electronics, keep the box handy if you plan on selling the big-ticket item later on—otherwise, you might be better off just recycling these boxes as well.

Packing tape: If you find that you’ve purchased one too many rolls of packing tape for your move, don’t worry—this is an item that’s worth holding on to! Carve out a space in your new home to serve as storage for craft or practical supplies, and keep extra rolls here. Because packing tape is so easy to store, you won’t feel any negative effects for keeping it around.

Permanent markers galore: Like many families in the moving process, you probably purchased more than your fair share of permanent markers to label your boxes. If you have extra on hand, be sure to keep them! You never know when you’ll need one, and they can be easily stored on your desk, in a small drawer or with the rest of your craft or office supplies.

“Mystery” electronics: Virtually every home has its share of “mystery” electronics, those wires, cords and other small devices we just don’t know what to do with. Keep these items handy if you have use for them—for example, extra chargers or headphones—but get rid of them if they’re no longer needed (you’ve upgraded your tech) or are just not being used.

Assorted containers: Finally, when it comes to assorted containers—oversized tote bags, bedding bags, etc.—consider holding on to them only if you have a practical use for them, such as storage or a makeshift shopping bag.

Did our answers give you some insight into the moving cleanup process? If you find that you need additional supplies along the way, we would be happy to provide them to you. Just give us a call!

To Keep or Not to Keep?

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