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Friends and the Moving Process: 7 Ways to Say “Thanks”

Sun, Apr 03, 2016 at 11:30PM

Asking friends for help with a move is almost a staple of our culture—we all do it, and we’ve all helped with a move before. But knowing how to say “thanks” beyond the initial offer isn’t always clear. How do you show your appreciation for such a big task? In today’s blog, we’re sharing seven fun ways.

Provide day-of snacks

One of the most typical—and delicious—ways to thank friends after a long day of moving is, of course, to provide them with tasty snacks, drinks or a meal the day of. Pizza and drinks to enjoy after a day’s worth of work is an easy, classic way to show your appreciation for all the help.

Treat them to a nice dinner

If moving day was frantic and you want to thank your friends in a more relaxed setting, consider treating your helpers to a nice dinner out. A scrumptious meal—one where you and your friends don’t need to lift a finger—will be a welcome change from the hectic nature of moving day.

Send them a gift card and kind letter

For a friend who helped you move, a gift card to a place they love is always a great idea. If you’re moving far away, sending that card—whether it be to a restaurant or local store—with a handwritten letter is even more special. They’ll appreciate the forethought and time it took to deliver such a meaningful token!

Do them a favor

Sometimes, a practical show of appreciation is the best kind. Offer to pay for your friend’s gas or time, for example, or wash their car on the next sunny day. These little gestures go a long way!

Invite them to your housewarming party

Any friend who helps you move should be able to enjoy your new house with you. Throw a fun housewarming party and enjoy the company of the friends and family who helped get you there.

Create a custom gift

If you have a knack for baking, building or just about anything, use that sill to produce a special custom gift for your friend.

Say “yes” when it’s time for them to move

Finally, don’t forget about the ultimate way to thank a friend for helping you move—be there for them when it’s time for them to do the same! Returning their big favor in an equally big way is a meaningful show of gratitude your loved ones will remember.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways you can thank a friend for help on a move—just choose something they love and go from there! They will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll know you always have someone in your corner ready to help no matter where life takes you.

Friends and the Moving Process: 7 Ways to Say “Thanks”

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