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Flagler Movers: Tips for College Move In Day

Mon, Jul 06, 2015 at 1:50PM

It’s about that time of year again! This summer and fall, many high school graduates will be moving on to the next step of their lives: college. This highly anticipated milestone will usher one of the most exciting, memorable times in your grad’s life… and it might require a bit of planning and organization to get there! If the college-bound student in your life will be living on campus this summer or fall, here are a few tips for the big move:

Bring the right supplies: When it comes to moving from one house to another, people are used to the cardboard box and masking tape routine—it’s helpful to do this for college, too! Instead of tossing your soon-to-be-college-student’s clothes and desktop trinkets in the back of your car or van, pick up a few boxes and packing supplies to make getting to the school and unpacking as easy as possible.

Pack smart: You should help your teen pack smart before the move and on the day of. Encourage them (and help in advising them) to pack light, since most college dorms can be quite small. But don’t worry—that just means getting creative with storage and bringing only what you really need; that goes for clothes, shoes and entertainment like DVDs or games. Bringing touches of home like photos is encouraged, too. As far as finding a place to store everything, you’ll find that most home stores have more than enough options to choose from in terms of closet organizers, toiletry caddies, and the like.

When it comes to packing everything for move in day, do so with functionality on your mind. Just like with any move, toiletries and essentials should be packed in a separate, easy-to-get-to box or bag since your teen will probably need these things right away. Photos, electronics and clothes (beyond perhaps one fresh outfit for settling in) can be placed in larger boxes—just be sure to protect fragile items!

Get measurements beforehand: Many college dorms have built-in desks, beds and furniture units, so the amount of furniture you’ll need to bring may be small. If you do plan on bringing a chair, nightstand or other small piece of furniture, be sure to check with the school’s website to get room measurements (or, if possible, visit the school yourself and do so).

Get an early start: As you may know from experience, college move in day can get pretty busy! Beat the rush by arriving early, so your teen will have time to get settled and enjoy the day… and, of course, so you can get your boxes, bags and furniture in with ease.

Have fun: Above all, this should be an exciting day for your teen! Whether you’re making a 20-mile move or 200, you might want to use the day to get to know your teen’s roommate and their family and enjoy a bite to eat with your grad before taking off. While you probably still have a space carved out for them at home, their dorm will serve as “home” for the entire school year, so help them feel comfortable.

You probably won’t be taking a moving truck up to your teen’s new school, but we’re still here to help! Give us a call when you need packing supplies, car moving, or other services at (855) 222-6128.


Flagler Movers: Tips for College Move In Day

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