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Volusia Van: A Helping Hand

Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 3:50PM

When you’re facing a big move, the task may seem daunting and near impossible. Your list of things to do seems to pile up while your time and resources wear thin—now is when you call in the reinforcements!

As movers, we know that many people prefer to try the do-it-yourself move; whether it’s their first move or fifth, sometimes it seems like the best option is to take care of things yourself and save money and the responsibility of delegation. Some say it’s an issue of pride, or a fear of others handling your home and belongings. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a change of thinking: enlisting assistance while moving, whether from professionals, friends, family or a combination of helpers isn’t just easy, it’s smart.

Having a second pair of eyes during the moving process (especially if you’re moving out on your own) can help keep you from missing details involving inventory, important dates and deadlines, and other factors. The help that comes with an extra pair of hands can also be invaluable, which you probably already know if you’ve got a big house full of furniture to pack up and move. If you feel guilty for asking for much help, don’t—your loved ones know what a move entails, and signed up willingly. You can always thank your extra helpers with snacks, refreshments, or even a post-move-in party.

Hiring professional movers to help you on the big day is also a well-advised move. Avoid the heavy lifting and packing of tight trucks by opting for a helper on moving day—what you pay for the service, you make up for in convenience and peace of mind. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want!

Are you planning a move in near future? Don’t do it alone—contact us for help with moving services and supplies.

Volusia Van: A Helping Hand

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