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Using Tech to Help Your Move

Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 8:55AM


Today, we use our handheld technology for almost everything we do: checking our bank accounts, keeping in touch, and finding out new ways to do things. With that in mind, why not convert your upcoming move to a tech-organized one? Here are a few ways you can use your smartphone to tap into a smoother, more efficient move:

Store your info

This is a general tip geared toward helping to organize your move. In the process of packing and moving your things over from one home to another, it’s important to keep track of what’s going where, what you still have left to pack, and other details… but a piece of paper or clipboard to keep track of these things can often be clunky or get lost altogether in the hustle and bustle of moving time. Use apps on your phone, alarm reminders, or just simple memos to remind yourself what still has to be done.

Learn from others

Moving can be a tricky experience, especially if it’s the first time doing it on your own. Use apps like YouTube or other online resources to learn about the best ways others have found to do tasks like packing fragile items, lifting without hurting your back, and other helpful information.

Back up to the cloud

Take advantage of cloud storage, where you can back up all of your important moving information and documents so you’re not stuck missing what you need come moving day. 

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