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Daytona Moving: Getting to Know Your New Home

Thu, May 07, 2015 at 9:45AM

Whether you’re moving in or out of Florida, the ordeal can sometimes leave you feeling alone or a bit isolated from the goings-on of your new community. Consider these tips when acclimating yourself to a new city, state or country:

Go shopping. It seems like a mundane way to get yourself used to the new community, but shopping (whether it be for groceries, clothes, or other items) is one of the most normal, routine things we get used to where we live—that’s why it’s so important to find your new spot to shop at in your new home! The faster you get used to a grocery routine or after-work store run, the sooner you’ll feel like yourself again, like you really know where you are.

Find out how to get involved. Most cities have some way for adults to get involved in their community, whether it be through volunteering at the local theater, helping to plant a garden, or taking part in community events. Find out about these things early on so you don’t waste any time meeting new friends!

Find your nook. Whether it was the local coffee shop or a quiet bookstore, you most likely had a “nook” in your old area, where you would feel most comfortable spending your time and relaxing. Find your new place! Try a few different spots to get the feel of the area… in no time, you’ll find that you start to warm up to one or two especially.

Be friendly! Whenever you encounter a new neighbor, coworker, or friendly face at the store, be sure to open up a conversation and stay in touch. In this new area, you could probably use as much help as possible making friends and building connections, so don’t let new acquaintances slip you by!

Daytona Moving: Getting to Know Your New Home

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