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Becoming Part of a New Neighborhood

Tue, Sep 08, 2015 at 9:50AM

When someone moves into your neighborhood, we all know it’s common courtesy to go over and introduce ourselves… maybe with a basket of freshly baked muffins! But when you’re the one moving in, the protocol on how to meet your neighbors isn’t always so clear. Here are a few ways you can familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood and make friends with your neighbors in just a short time after move-in:

Open up on moving day.

Yes, we know… on moving day, you’re probably hot and at least a little bit stressed out, and you may not always feel like socializing. But “opening up” on moving day doesn’t have to mean going door to door to introduce yourself. Just have an open mind and be ready to meet neighbors, even if it’s just with an informal wave or greeting as they walk by. Don’t be afraid to start a quick conversation with them!

Kids and their families are always interested to see who’s moving in next door. Take advantage of this curiosity—introduce your family to theirs, or perhaps let your kids play outside with other neighborhood kids for a nice break. By doing this and not being too overly focused on the move itself, you can make these process easier on the family and make it easier to get to know the neighborhood… without exerting much effort!

Host a neighborhood get together.

Who says you can’t host a neighborhood get together or block party after moving in? Once you’re all settled, you may want to consider inviting your new neighbors over for dinner, to watch the big game, or to enjoy a day at the pool. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to meet many new faces and interact with your neighbors in a more comfortable setting. By being proactive and hosting the event at your house, you can meet new people more easily (as opposed to feeling like the “odd one out” at someone else’s home).

Get involved in community groups and events.

We understand that the move in process may leave your house—and sometimes, your mind—a bit cluttered. But don’t let this normal post-move state keep you from getting out there and familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood! Taking time to participate in neighborhood events or local clubs is just as important as finding the right school or unpacking your moving boxes… it’s an essential part of the process!

Are you stumped when it comes to finding ways to get involved? A great place to start is with your own favorite activities. If you loved gardening or volunteering in your old neighborhood, research clubs in the area that like to do the same thing. If you were an avid participant in your community’s book club, search for similar groups in your city or county that are always open to new members.

Helping your kids get situated with their new surroundings is just as important. Look for sport teams or camps they can join that will help them make friends in their community.


Becoming Part of a New Neighborhood

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