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Record Storage

Relieve your record storage burden and gain peace of mind with computerized record storage management and retrieval services. Our computer indexing is integrated with management reports that show you exactly what you have in storage, identify the cartons and their contents by date and span, and provide you with assigned destruction dates.

If you have various fillies that must be saved we can store them for your and retrieve them quickly when needed for a very low cost. Call us today to get a quote on the specific service you need.

There are four things to consider when choosing an offsite record Storage Facility

  1. Safety: We have an on premises fire hydrant and our fire station is within one mile of our warehouse. We have 24-hour monitoring. We have fire suppression equipment thoughout our warehouse. Only certain personnel have access to the records storage area. They are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as well as have a background check.
  2. Technology: We use a software program that is constantly updated to manage the placement, tracking, and retrieval of our customer’s files  We can provide our customers with a variety of customized reports to keep them informed with specifics of what they have stored in our facility. Finding and retrieving files are quick, easy and inexpensive.
  3. Cost: You can eliminate hard to find or lost records by keeping them in a safe and organized method for as little as 35 cents a month
  4. Stability: We have been providing offsite record storage service for over 20 years under the same ownership.